Dipl. Ing. Johann Szebeni

Johann Szebeni, MSc (born April 5th, 1986 in Vienna) also known as "Joschi" is an Austrian architect, photographer, and artist.


Dipl. Ing. Johann Szebeni (2021)

At a young age, Johann Szebeni discovered the possibilities of image processing and 3D programs, which allowed him to turn his imagination into images. After attending Lycée Francais de Vienne, Wiedner Gymnasium, and the Camillo Sitte Lehranstalt (HTL for civil engineering), Johann Szebeni studied architecture at the technical university of vienna and graduated with distinction in 2012 (thesis topic: Design of a 73-meter luxury yacht).

In 2011, he co-founded the interior design firm, Who Cares?! Design, which specializes in high
-end luxury design. Since 2012, Johann Szebeni has also worked as a photographer and visual artist in the B2B sector (BOSS Architecture Photography and BOSS Vision). In 2020, Johann Szebeni opened an online shop where he offers his artistic photo editing as prints. In 2022, Johann Szebeni started the Architecture Cafe Podcast with two former colleagues from university. Due to his passion for traveling, Johann Szebeni founded Traveling Architects in 2023, where he collaborates with an Austrian travel agency to organize architecture excursions around the world.

Personal Life

During his architecture studies, Johann Szebeni discovered his passion for traveling. He is interested in Formula 1 and artificial intelligence, enjoys go-karting, dislikes raisins, speaks four languages (German, English, French, Hungarian), and lives in Vienna, Austria.




A Design Award Gold in Yachting Design (2013)
  • - 2011 Winner SPAR Design Competition

  • - 2012 Winner Ressel Rest Room Design Competition

  • - 2013 A Design Award Gold in Yachting Design

  • - 2015 Corian Design Award

  • - 2016 Corian Design Award

  • - 2018 Breitwieser Stone World Award

  • - 2019 Digitalstore Photo Award




University Projects

Spar Experience

"Spar Experience" is a groundbreaking retail concept that represents the supermarket of the future. The design was selected as the winner of a competition and impresses with its innovative architecture and technology.

The design features a unique tubular shopping structure, where groceries are presented in a floating and rotating manner using magnetic levitation technology. This futuristic presentation not only provides an impressive shopping experience but also creates more selling space compared to traditional supermarkets.

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IC New York

The New York City Skyscraper Project, envisioned by Johann Szebeni and Eugen Popa, prioritizes several key elements to create a unique landmark. The skyscraper is designed to be a large complex at the bottom, incorporating various sporting opportunities to connect it with the city. The focus is not only on ecological aspects but also on promoting people's health through sports.

A significant feature of the project is the inclusion of "SKYBRIDGES" that interconnect the towers. These skybridges serve various functions such as the "Sky Lobby," "Sky Exhibition," "Sky Library," "Sky Gym," "Sky Disco," "Sky Restaurant," and "Sky Pool."

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Sightshitting, the innovative design concept for a public toilet with a view of a landmark. Situated diagonally across from the Karlskirche, the structure of the public toilet is partially embedded into the ground, seamlessly integrating with the existing park scenery.

Taking inspiration from the surroundings, the design incorporates existing trees, bringing them to the level of the building itself. The trees serve a dual purpose, acting as a reinterpretation of the act of "peeing on a tree" for the men's restroom and transforming into elegant dressing tables for the women's restroom. This creative blend of nature and function adds an element of surprise and delight to the overall experience.

The toilet cabins, shaped like elliptical pods, protrude from the building, providing an additional seating area on top. This feature not only serves as an extension of the toilet space but also offers an elevated viewpoint for visitors to admire the nearby landmark while taking a break.

The creative vision behind Sightshitting has earned a architectural design competition.

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Utropia (2012)

UTROPIA is an innovative architectural project designed to address the modern-day issue of decreasing physical activity among people. As compared to our ancestors, even the primates, our daily movements have significantly reduced. In the jungle, both horizontal and vertical navigation were necessary skills.

The concept revolves around suspending the structure between two existing buildings. Accessible through the window of a small apartment, one can climb onto a network of walkways that zigzag between the buildings. These elevated pathways provide novel and interconnected routes, offering diverse spaces that can serve various purposes.

Navigating through these spaces requires individuals to overcome obstacles such as climbing ladders or crouching to move forward. This intentional design fosters physical activity and encourages residents to engage their bodies while transitioning through the architecture. These shared spaces are semi-public, accessible to all inhabitants of the two adjacent buildings, promoting a sense of community and interaction.

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Falco Bridge

The Falco Bridge, named in honor of the renowned Austrian musician 'Falco,' is a project developed by Johann Szebeni, Eugen Popa and Thomas Fuger.

Inspired by two distinct scenes, the first being "The Miracle of Manhattan" - the famous image of the crashed airplane in the Hudson River, where all passengers survived and awaited rescue on the wings of the aircraft. The second source of inspiration came from an image of a "Redbull Party Yacht," symbolizing the connection between Falco, music, and celebration.

This design incorporates two axes, with the fuselage of the airplane representing movement and the wings symbolizing relaxation. These two concepts operate on two different levels. An axial pendulum bearing allows the upper part (movement) to rotate over the lower part (relaxation). In case of high water or special occasions like a Partynight the upper part is turned in. This creates a ship with two levels in the middle of the new Danube.

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Diploma Thesis: Gorilla Yachts

Inspired by an atrium house, this 73 meter long yacht concept from Gorilla Yacht Design has 2 courtyards. The result is a new experience of space on a motor yacht. The concept does not track the rational and perhaps optimal use of every square meter, but wants to approach to architectural parameters like the interplay of spaces, openings and visibility.

The central point of the yacht is the atrium garden. It offers an incomparable sheltered green haven on the high seas, but also a big space for parties. The yacht has a lot of view contacts all over it because of the big roofless room and its surrounding galleries. In case of bad weather, the courtyard will be protected by a closeable glass-roof.

On the deck there is a sun deck and a bar at the stern. The yacht is also equipped with a helicopter landing space on the rear and a second sun deck at the bow. There is also an additional yard wich is mainly used for dining.

With a simple design and and a well-composed multifunctionality this yacht contratsts with with all its conventional competitors.

Winner of the A Design Award in Yachting Design 2013

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Who Cares?! Design

One Million Dollar Toilet

The "One Million Dollar Toilet" is a revolutionary design concept that reduces the form to the essential aspect of water flow in the bowl. This futuristic design boasts an almost aerodynamic aesthetic, utilizing advanced space-grade ceramics to provide an unparalleled user experience.

Inspired by the idea that a toilet should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, the "One Million Dollar Toilet" aims to enhance the restroom experience while adding a touch of luxury and elegance.

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Ice Bed

Ice Bed (2015)

The Ice Bed is a revolutionary project featuring a bed made entirely of Dupont® Corian, a material with a seamless matte surface and sharp edges.

Positioned at the room's center, it offers unmatched security and features an elegant LED light running from foot to peak. Additionally, the bed incorporates ample internal and external storage, along with convenient switches near the pillow for easy access. With its vibrant LED lighting options, the ICE BED redefines the concept of a modern, stylish, and functional sleeping space. 

Winner of theCorian Design AwardCorian Design AwardCorian Design Awardd 2015

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Ice Bath

Ice Bath (2016)

"The Longest Single Sink with a Floating Bathtub" is an exceptional bathroom design project that combines innovation and aesthetics. The low poly sink seamlessly integrates into a wall and is indirectly illuminated with a full RGB-LED color range, doubling as a captivating wall light.

The floating bathtub, also beautifully illuminated, is crafted with Dupont™ Corian®, evoking the beauty and feel of ice. Its user-friendly controls and Viega system for silent filling provide a delightful and personalized bathing experience. Additionally, the backwall serves as an apothecary cabinet and door, offering a complete wellness haven. This project redefines luxury and relaxation in modern bathrooms.

Winner of the Corian Design Awardd 2016

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Pangea (2018)

Pangea is an extraordinary art project born from the collision of ancient continents 300 million years ago. This marvelous marble masterpiece, nestled in the Alps, features a striking black triangular vein, inspiring a design theme.

Crafted into a pyramid fountain sink with a cascading shower, Pangea harmoniously blends stone, water, and light. Resilient against extreme weather, it becomes a versatile oasis, enhancing any space, from rooms to gardens, forests to deserts. A captivating fusion of nature and art.

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Cookring (2019)

The Cookring is a multi modular event tool.

The design features organic and floating elements, inspired by the curves of naturally formed stone lines in a canyon and the timeless charm of Ancient Columns.

Cookring serves as a multi-modular event tool that rotates with the occasion, creating a dynamic space for various activities from welcome gatherings to after-hour clubbing, all while celebrating the harmony between nature and and man-made design.

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Quasimodo's Penthouse 

"Quasimodo's Dream Penthouse" is an architectural project born after the tragic events at Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15th, 2019.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, known worldwide, lost his 600-year-old home in the cathedral's attic due to the fire. Now, thanks to his Hollywood stardom and movie royalties, Quasimodo can fulfill his long-awaited dream of a comfortable, well-lit, and green rooftop residence.

The penthouse will replace the old attic with a modern and spacious living area of 8,000 square feet. Two large patios, each measuring 540 square feet, will offer relaxation spaces, while a helipad and indoor/outdoor pool will add luxury and convenience. One rooftop garden will provide breathtaking views of Paris' iconic landmarks.

"Quasimodo's Dream Penthouse" represents hope amidst tragedy, offering Quasimodo a new home that blends modernity and comfort, overlooking the timeless charm of Notre Dame Cathedral.while celebrating the harmony between nature and human ingenuity.

The project has made a significant impact worldwide, appearing in numerous publications and even leading to a radio interview with the anchor man of Tokyo's most successful radio station.

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For more Who Cares?! Design projects visist: www.whocares.at


John Boss Art Projects

The Architects of Game of Thrones

"Game of Thrones meets Architecture: Architects in Medieval Attire.

Experience a captivating fusion of fantasy and design as famous architects dressed in authentic medieval garb. Made with Midjourney (AI).

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Boss Architectual Photography

Since 2012, Johann Szebeni has been offering professional architectural photography. With his skillful capture of buildings and structures, he showcases the true essence and design excellence, highlighting the architect's vision and intricate details that might otherwise be overlooked.

His photos have been published in countless publications and magazines all over the world.

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Boss Visualizations

Since 2012, Johann Szebeni has also been offering 3D visualizations in the field of architecture and design. Through his expertise, he brings virtual life to architectural projects, allowing clients and stakeholders to envision spaces and structures before they are built.

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Architectual Podcast

Architektur Cafe Cover (2023)

In 2023 Johann Szebeni is part of the "Architektur Cafe Podcast" collaborating with two of his former university colleagues.

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Traveling Architects

Johann Szebeni is offering unique journeys that immerse enthusiasts in the world's most captivating architectural wonders. These tours provide cultural enrichment, professional insight, inspiration, cross-cultural exchange, and promote preservation and conservation of architectural heritage.

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